The Lifestyle Edit Podcast: How To Overcome Business FOMO & Reconnect With Your Work

We live in a time where there are countless things vying for our attention. We’re constantly bombarded with what everyone else is doing and it’s hard not to be consumed by the desire to keep up with the Joneses.

Running a business only adds a layer of complexity to that. Ifsound there’s one thing that commonly behinds the conversations we have on the show and on the website, it’s the underlying tension amongst founders between striving towards their goals with aplomb and embracing the current moment and releasing the pressure. It’s part of the reason why entrepreneurs are increasingly embracing mindfulness as a way to stay focused and aligned in the midst of overwhelming stress and competition.

Today’s guest, therapist Rebecca Kronman has made it her mission to teach creatives how to incorporate these techniques into their daily routines.

Rebecca talks me through some of the mindset challenges that are unique to creative entrepreneurs. She shares strategies you can use to tap into your body’s signals to overcome stress and overwhelm and she also talks through simple things you can add to your day to help you quiet your mind and get into alignment. Listen Here

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