Well+Good: How to Practice Mindfulness at Work - Without Adding Anything Extra to Your Day

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Taking a 15-minute walk on your lunch break or sneaking into an empty conference room for a short meditation would probably make your day a little less stressful. But when your emails are piling up and you have a deadline looming, the likelihood of that happening is about as probable as Whole Foods handing out free avocados.

Fortunately, according to creativity and mindfulness coach Rebecca Kronman, there are ways to work some mindful practices into your day without taking any time away from what’s already on your to-do list. Kronman has a background in social work and is also trained in mindfulness and stress reduction. She’s taught yoga, meditation, creativity, and mindfulness tips to everyone from prisoners to high level execs—vastly different groups of people, yet all very susceptible to stress. Something she’s heard repeatedly from execs is that mindfulness sounds great in theory, but there just isn’t time to do it. Read More

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