At work, we often operate on autopilot.

Adding brief moments of mindfulness throughout the day can help us become aware of our patterns, increase productivity and focus and generate better ideas. I facilitate staff development workshops on building mindfulness techniques into the workday.  Each one is customized to your work environment’s unique culture. They are interactive, informative and engaging, foster team-building and deep communication between participants.



When the chaos of everyday life settles down, we can hear the creative voice that lives deeper under the surface. Learn techniques to quiet the mind and generate a broader array of better ideas.



Working with screens for long stretches can leave us hunched over, closed in and worn out. Changing the way we interact with our technology can help us build mindful moments into the workday. 


A beauty routine can be the perfect time to consciously re-engage. Using all five senses we can find a new experience in the products we use every day. 




mini mindful moment: coffee break

mini mindful moment: screen time